Buttermilk - Yogurt Filling Machine (EM2-95)

Technical Specifications
Our machine;
  • PLC program
  • Lcd monitor and two-stroke speed set options
  • CIP system is available
  • Capacity: 3000 / hour
  • Filling gram: 50 - 500 gr
  • Weight: 350 kg
  • Warranty: Two years (parts and maintanence)
Fillied Products
  • Ayran 330 ml. - 400 ml.
  • Yogurt 200 ml. - 500 ml.

Working Principle
This machine has PLC program,lcd monitor and two-stroke speed set options, CIP system is available. This machine puts the glass in the hole binarily, fills binarly and puts the alumininum follio binarily. It prints manufacturing date and expiration date on the aluminium follio. After packaged products is given to gathering station, the process is completed. If the machine doesn't take the cup, it doesn't fill. Cups which don't have aluminum foils, are discern by the PLC program and this program blocks the process. Again It brings the cup to the sealing aluminum foil station and go on the process in that way it avoids the problems which are aluminum foils, cup and products casualities.