Buttermilk Filling Machine (EM 6)

Technical Specifications
Our machine;
  • Programmed PLC
  • Touch Screen
  • Two Stroke Speed Adjustment
  • Capacity: 5000-600 pcs / hour
  • Filling weight: 0 - 500 gr
  • Weight: 700 kg
  • Warranty: Two years (parts and maintanence)
Products that can be filled
  • Buttermilk
  • Yogurt
  • Ruit Juice
  • Water
  • Turnip
  • Lemonade

Working Principle
All operations on the machine takes place in groups of 6 pcs. Machinery, respectively; glass chamber lowers the barrier when he saw the bowl makes filling. Magazine cover lined with aluminum foil vacuum suction cup with a skill based on individual leaves. Heating with ingenuity (resistance) cover by removing the paste and packed bowl conveyor is complete. In addition, it does not decrease during operation cup filling machine does not. Do not cover the various reasons that may occur station was put foil cup with PLC systems by detecting (unshielded glass bonding does not). Cover the glass and prevent product losses. Stations followed, if desired, single, double, triple, quad, quint can work. Our machines are available CIP system.