Cream Cheese Filling Machine - Double

Technical Specifications
Our machine;
  • PLC program
  • Lcd monitor and two-time speed set options
  • CIP system is available
  • Cup Type: Square Cup
  • Capacity: 2500 / hours 200 gr - 1500 / hours 500 gr - 1200 / hours 750 gr
  • Filling Range: 100 - 750 gr Gram sensitivity: -2 - +2
  • Warranty: Two years (parts and maintanence)
Filled Products
  • Cream Cheese
  • Labne, Yoghurt
  • Sımenata, Kefır
  • Chocolate
  • Fruıt Yogurt
  • Butter

Working Principle
Machines with bowl separator apparatus as twos into the slots on the bottom of the vacuum suction cassette with the ingenuity takes ingenuity separating the other two. The next station makes filling in the required weight by volumetric filling ingenuity, cover put the station foil lid puts bonding station heating with ingenuity (resistance) caps paste, collecting collects process finished bowl in the station. It also does not make the filling does not get bowl machine during operation, the cover to put the station in which put the foil will know to occur for different reasons bowl while continuing operations by sensing the PLC system, it does not make a bowl process (does not paste unshielded bowl) makes the bowl back into the cover to put the station and want to do the procedure. The cover prevents the bowl and product losses. Followed stations. Our machines CIP systems are available.